Travel Information

Continuing the Journey - September 5-9, 2018

Frost Valley YMCA - Claryville, NY

Initiates will be sent a welcome letter once their application has been accepted. Within the letter will be driving instructions.

● Download Driving Directions 

We need to know how you will be getting to the ranch. All participants and staff will need to fill out Travel Form at bottom of this page. TRAVEL FORM

Past experience has taught us that many people underestimate the time it takes to get to the Frost Valley YMCA. Please give yourself plenty of time so you arrive early and can get settled in. It is very important that we start on time with everyone present. Be sure to take into account the possibility of accidents and roadwork that might delay your arrival at camp.

  • Registration sign-in begins at 2:30 PM Wednesday, September 5.
  • Plan to be there early but do not drive into the farm early. Wait outside camp and we will greet you.
  • Preparations for your arrival will be in process. At 2:30 PM registration will begin. Note that no lunch is provided.
  • The MROP begins at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, September 5, and concludes by 2:00PM on Sunday, September 9.
  • It is absolutely necessary to attend the entire MROP, from the opening on Wednesday through final ending on Sunday.
  • You may NOT come late or leave early.
  • Driving: If you are driving, DO NOT arrive before 2:30 PM Wednesday, September 5.
  • Arrival Time: New York City: 12 noon or before - travel time from LaGuardia/JFK Airports is approx. 2.5 - 3 hours depending on traffic.

If you are NOT renting your own car at the airport then we can arrange travel for you. We are arranging carpools with other participants to and from the airport. It is important that passengers and drivers in the carpools know each others cell phone numbers. Please indicate this on travel form. Airline travelers should submit travel forms ASAP so we can arrange a carpool ride for you. For any questions please call or email the Travel Coordinator.

TBD, Travel Coordinator
Cell: Coming Soon
Email: Coming Soon

Return Flights from LaGuardia/JFK: You will be leaving the Frost Valley YMCA around 3:00 PM. Most participants do not leave right away for various reasons, so you should book your return flight accordingly, to give you enough time to check-in and get to your gate.

Suggested time for flight departure for Sunday, September 25 would be any flight after 7:00 PM. Later if you do not wish to be rushed.

If you fly in before September 5 or fly out September 9 and want help arranging accommodations you need to contact the travel coordinator.