RIM Registration

Returning Initiated Men

Location:  Frost Valley YMCA - Claryville, NY
Check-in Time:  11:00 AM Saturday (Day of Fasting - NO Lunch Available)
Ending Time: Sunday Afternoon
Clean-up Crew:  We will need volunteers to stay and help clean-up if you are available.
Cost:  $125.00 includes Saturday night lodging, all meals and fees.

You are invited to the Regathering of Initiated Men at the Men’s Rites of Passage: Sat./Sun. Sep. 8 and 9.
Please RSVP if you are attending this weekend event.

The Returning Initiated Men’s program includes:

  • Stay overnight (bring sleeping bags and towels, etc.)
  • Celebrate the initiation rites with the men on both Saturday evening and Sunday.
  • Help setup the banquet meal for the men on the Rites
  • We look forward to seeing you there and adding your energy to the M.R.O.P. team in helping welcome these new men into the greater community of Richard Rohr's Men As Learners and Elders (M.A.L.E.s), now Illuman.

If you are planning to attend please fill out the registration above.

  • This is a pre-registration event. (There are no exceptions.)
  • Additional information about this event will be sent to you after you register.
  • Please be willing to carpool.
  • We will need volunteers to stay and help clean-up if you are available.
  • We ask that all men participating in the RIM Program also complete the Medical and Travel Forms.

2018 RIM Payment - $125

A $125 payment is required for all Returning Initiated Men.

If you have any question regarding fees, please contact us.

2018 RIM Payment ($125)