Men's Rites of Passage (MROP)

What is the Rites of Passage?

Men's Rites of Passage 2019

Men's Rites of Passage 2019

The Men’s Rites of Passage is a five-day / four night, deeply prayerful, soulful experience that builds on classic patterns of male initiation through simple, moving rituals and teaching. Each day includes participation in group prayer, major teachings on central themes of male spirituality, quiet time for reflection, and sharing in the context of a “home group.

Over 6,000 men have been initiated through these rites over the past 20 years. The Rites of Passage, created by Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr, are for those who have already done some men’s work and who are on a serious spiritual journey. It is best to make this experience as a lone seeker. Fathers and sons are normally not initiated together, nor is it a buddy experience. You may come with friends, but expect to be assigned to a home group where you will not be known to the other men.  All start from zero together, without judgments, without agendas.

Men are asked to come with a willingness to participate, not merely observe, from beginning to end.  All that is required is for a man to come with a “beginner's mind” and the readiness of a young novice seeking wisdom.  Ultimately, initiation, like life itself, is not a spectator's sport.

This is not about religion, but about spirituality, about age old traditions that guide us into manhood, about coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in our lives than we could ever imagine...

What the MROP is...

  • A personal discovery about masculine spirituality and ‘the Holy Mystery.’

  • A time to savor the healing and awesome power of nature.

  • A process to address issues of loss, grief, and relationships with our father, other men, and others.

  • An opportunity to examine life’s priorities and ask courageous questions about your ‘next step.’

  • An invitation to listen to the ‘quiet voice of God.’

  • A chance to return to life with a renewed commitment to your gifts.

What the MROP is not...

  • A traditional lecture-based retreat.

  • An informational workshop about men’s spirituality.

  • A sensitivity training or deprivation experience.

  • A threatening process that requires participants to engage in anything strange or unsafe.

  • A test of physical stamina.

Why Males Need Initiation
with Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

In Why Males Need Initiation, Fr. Richard Rohr shows how primal societies have demonstrated that cultural survival is dependent on personal spirituality. Unfortunately, the proven way to lead males on this journey has been lost to the West for a thousand years. Fr. Richard addresses the reality that if men are not led through an inner journey of powerlessness, they will inevitably misunderstand and abuse power.

Below is a listing of the Men’s Rites of Passage opportunities for 2019.

West Virginia Men’s Rites of Passage
October 2-6, 2019